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From:Chris Frey Date:June 21 2013 5:16pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v3.2.0
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Congrats on the new release!  As a maintainer myself, I know all about
inertia. :-)

- Chris

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:04:19PM -0600, Warren Young wrote:
> This is the long-sought svn roll-up release.  It has many changes, 
> detailed below, but none of them break the library's API or ABI, so you 
> can drop this in on top of an existing 3.1.0 build and expect it to just 
> continue working.
> There are some new features in this release, but I expect most of you 
> will only notice that it now builds out of the box on newer platforms 
> without annoying GCC warnings about missing #includes.
> Changes since 3.1.0:
>     o References to MySQL 5.1 have been replaced with 5.6, that
>       being the current GA release.
>     o All Windows builds now assume you're using Connector/C 6.1
>       instead of having installed the MySQL server on your machine
>       just to get development files.  If you are running a MySQL
>       server on your development machine and don't want to install
>       Connector/C just to make MySQL++ happy, see the README-*.txt
>       file for your platform to get instructions on fixing the paths
>       so the build system finds the development files under the MySQL
>       server directory.
>     o The generated VC++ 2008 project files now assume you want 64-bit
>       executables.  (It is 2013 now, after all.)
>       Since the VC++ 2005 project files continue to be configured for
>       32-bit builds, the easiest way to get a 32-bit project in VC++
>       2008+ is to import the VC++ *2005* project files, rather than
>       adjust the build target settings of all 44 vc2008/*.vcproj
>       files within the IDE.
>       See README-Visual-C++.txt for more on this change.
>     o Added Query::replacefrom(): like insertfrom() but it uses
>       REPLACE statements instead of INSERT.  Patch by Adrian Cornish.
>     o Added support for SQL "unsigned float" columns.  Patch by
>       Leonardo Lang.
>     o Added "abicheck" top-level build target, which runs the
>       ISPRAS ABI checker tool ( against
>       a predecided "ABI-stable" version of MySQL++, comparing it
>       against the current version.  This should help avoid future
>       unplanned ABI breakages, as happened between 3.0.9 and 3.1.0.
>       We have chosen not to revert those changes that broke the ABI,
>       but instead have chosen to accept the 3.1.0 ABI as the new
>       stable ABI for the rest of the 3.x series.  Running the ABI
>       checker is now part of the release process, so we should not
>       change the ABI again until 4.0!
>     o The Query::insert() and replace() overloads that take a pair
>       of iterators now work with containers that only provide forward
>       iterators.  Idea by Adrian Cornish.
>     o Using libtool again on Autotools systems.  It gives us
>       relocatable libraries, which is needed in some linking
>       situations.  Patch by Adrian Cornish.
>     o VC++ release builds now have optimization enabled.  This might
>       also affect other toolchains that create separate Debug and
>       Release builds, if Bakefile obeys the directive for those
>       systems.  (Such as, perhaps, Xcode.)  Initial patch by Matthew
>       Bradbury.
>     o Fixed a crash in CommandLine mechanism when the usage message is
>       called up for programs that have no "extra" parameter and
>       corresponding usage appendage.  Initial patch by "Crazy Pete".
>     o Query::storein() now tolerates empty result sets, due either to
>       DBMS failure or passing a query that never returns results,
>       such as INSERT.
>     o Exposed DBDriver::result_empty() as Query::result_empty().  We
>       did this primarily because it was needed as a helper for the
>       previous fix, but it could also be useful more broadly.
>     o Added -Wextra to the pedantic build flags.
>     o Fixed the "escape" manipulator so it will work with Null<>
>       wrapped types.  Patch by "Kemet".
>     o ssqls2parse now depends on libmysqlpp.  (It wasn't getting
>       relinked when you changed the library.)
>     o The configure script's test for the existence of mysql_ssl_set()
>       got broken by a change in the mysql_loc.m4 test, causing it to
>       always return "no" even if the platform's MySQL C API library did
>       have the function.  Therefore, the SslOption could never be set.
>       Fixes this bug:
>     o Fixed a missing a "buried headers" ifdef wrapper for
>       type_info.cpp.  Patch provided by Xavier Richez.
>     o We now export the DBDriver class from the MySQL++ DLL when
>       building on Windows.  Client programs can now access it directly,
>       instead of being able to access only the fields and members
>       exposed through Connection and Query.  Fix suggested by Xavier
>       Richez.
>     o MinGW builds no longer require that you manually create an import
>       library for the MySQL C API DLL from a .def file we provide,
>       which would inevitably get outdated.  We can now link directly to
>       the DLL, and rely on the MinGW linker to figure out the imports.
>     o Split the -l flags out of LDFLAGS in the userman's example
>       Makefiles.  They're now in LDLIBS, which causes them to be
>       put after -o $(EXE) by the default GNU make rules, where they
>       should be.
>     o Assorted documentation and build system improvements.
>     o Assorted fixes for newer GCCs.
> As always, it's available at
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