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From:Warren Young Date:June 21 2013 4:04am
Subject:RELEASE: v3.2.0
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This is the long-sought svn roll-up release.  It has many changes, 
detailed below, but none of them break the library's API or ABI, so you 
can drop this in on top of an existing 3.1.0 build and expect it to just 
continue working.

There are some new features in this release, but I expect most of you 
will only notice that it now builds out of the box on newer platforms 
without annoying GCC warnings about missing #includes.

Changes since 3.1.0:

     o References to MySQL 5.1 have been replaced with 5.6, that
       being the current GA release.

     o All Windows builds now assume you're using Connector/C 6.1
       instead of having installed the MySQL server on your machine
       just to get development files.  If you are running a MySQL
       server on your development machine and don't want to install
       Connector/C just to make MySQL++ happy, see the README-*.txt
       file for your platform to get instructions on fixing the paths
       so the build system finds the development files under the MySQL
       server directory.

     o The generated VC++ 2008 project files now assume you want 64-bit
       executables.  (It is 2013 now, after all.)

       Since the VC++ 2005 project files continue to be configured for
       32-bit builds, the easiest way to get a 32-bit project in VC++
       2008+ is to import the VC++ *2005* project files, rather than
       adjust the build target settings of all 44 vc2008/*.vcproj
       files within the IDE.

       See README-Visual-C++.txt for more on this change.

     o Added Query::replacefrom(): like insertfrom() but it uses
       REPLACE statements instead of INSERT.  Patch by Adrian Cornish.

     o Added support for SQL "unsigned float" columns.  Patch by
       Leonardo Lang.

     o Added "abicheck" top-level build target, which runs the
       ISPRAS ABI checker tool ( against
       a predecided "ABI-stable" version of MySQL++, comparing it
       against the current version.  This should help avoid future
       unplanned ABI breakages, as happened between 3.0.9 and 3.1.0.

       We have chosen not to revert those changes that broke the ABI,
       but instead have chosen to accept the 3.1.0 ABI as the new
       stable ABI for the rest of the 3.x series.  Running the ABI
       checker is now part of the release process, so we should not
       change the ABI again until 4.0!

     o The Query::insert() and replace() overloads that take a pair
       of iterators now work with containers that only provide forward
       iterators.  Idea by Adrian Cornish.

     o Using libtool again on Autotools systems.  It gives us
       relocatable libraries, which is needed in some linking
       situations.  Patch by Adrian Cornish.

     o VC++ release builds now have optimization enabled.  This might
       also affect other toolchains that create separate Debug and
       Release builds, if Bakefile obeys the directive for those
       systems.  (Such as, perhaps, Xcode.)  Initial patch by Matthew

     o Fixed a crash in CommandLine mechanism when the usage message is
       called up for programs that have no "extra" parameter and
       corresponding usage appendage.  Initial patch by "Crazy Pete".

     o Query::storein() now tolerates empty result sets, due either to
       DBMS failure or passing a query that never returns results,
       such as INSERT.

     o Exposed DBDriver::result_empty() as Query::result_empty().  We
       did this primarily because it was needed as a helper for the
       previous fix, but it could also be useful more broadly.

     o Added -Wextra to the pedantic build flags.

     o Fixed the "escape" manipulator so it will work with Null<>
       wrapped types.  Patch by "Kemet".

     o ssqls2parse now depends on libmysqlpp.  (It wasn't getting
       relinked when you changed the library.)

     o The configure script's test for the existence of mysql_ssl_set()
       got broken by a change in the mysql_loc.m4 test, causing it to
       always return "no" even if the platform's MySQL C API library did
       have the function.  Therefore, the SslOption could never be set.
       Fixes this bug:

     o Fixed a missing a "buried headers" ifdef wrapper for
       type_info.cpp.  Patch provided by Xavier Richez.

     o We now export the DBDriver class from the MySQL++ DLL when
       building on Windows.  Client programs can now access it directly,
       instead of being able to access only the fields and members
       exposed through Connection and Query.  Fix suggested by Xavier

     o MinGW builds no longer require that you manually create an import
       library for the MySQL C API DLL from a .def file we provide,
       which would inevitably get outdated.  We can now link directly to
       the DLL, and rely on the MinGW linker to figure out the imports.

     o Split the -l flags out of LDFLAGS in the userman's example
       Makefiles.  They're now in LDLIBS, which causes them to be
       put after -o $(EXE) by the default GNU make rules, where they
       should be.

     o Assorted documentation and build system improvements.

     o Assorted fixes for newer GCCs.

As always, it's available at
RELEASE: v3.2.0Warren Young21 Jun
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