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From:Guido Winkelmann Date:June 20 2013 12:08pm
Subject:Re: Is development continuing on mysql++
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Am Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013, 10:41:13 schrieb Warren Young:
> On 6/19/2013 08:22, Joseph Hesse wrote:
> > I notice that version 3.10 of mysql++ is dated June 3, 2010.  Is
> > development continuing on mysql++ or is 3.10 mature enough so no further
> > work is necessary?
> In a sense, releases have shifted to the svn branch.  Changes there
> haven't been breaking changes in quite a long time.  You can confidently
> use the current svn head in production.  I won't promise that that will
> always be the case, but right now, it is.
> There have been 55 checkins since 3.1.0 was released.
> My previous excuse for not making a release is that 3.1.0 introduced an
> unplanned ABI breakage relative to 3.0.9, but the hunt for a fix for
> that went on so long that people started using 3.1.0 anyway.
> In effect, 3.1.0 now *is* the correct ABI, so all that's keeping me from
> releasing a 3.1.1 roll-up is inertia.

It would be really nice if you could overcome that inertia for just one more 

I've said it before, this is a really bad state to find the project in. The 
latest stable has been broken out of the box for several years now. You may 
say here that people have basically just switch to svn trunk, and that's what 
everybody new should do, but not everybody reads this mailing list, and the 
project's website says nothing of the sort.

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