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From:Warren Young Date:May 28 2013 9:40pm
Subject:Re: accessing utf8, continued, update
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On 5/28/2013 15:05, Charles J. Daniels wrote:
> q << "set character_set_results=utf8"
> but it didn't like that and would kill the program.

That means it's throwing an exception that you're not catching.

> 2) when I SHOW VARIABLES on my mysql server, all character_* variables say
> utf8 except for character-set-server, which says latin.

Is there any conceivable world in which that is anything other than a 
configuration mistake?

> my current odbc connection retrieves the
> value in question perfectly fine,

The fact that you have two other MySQL client libraries that tolerate 
this presumed misconfiguration isn't going to push me to change how 
MySQL++ works, if all the change does is introduce a hack to make it 
tolerate misconfiguration.

Show me an actual bug in the way MySQL++ works, and you're well on your 
way to seeing a fix.  But fix someone else's bug?  Not likely.

> 3) I set some configuration options in my.ini, and verified that SHOW
> VARIABLES now showed character-set-server as utf8.

Did you then restart the server so it would work with the new variables?

> 4) on my list further investigating is to run these tests that come with
> mysql++, see if it illuminates anything or provides an obvious failure
> notice.

Be sure to run it against the same server you're having trouble with, 
else you won't learn anything.  (You already know it *can* work.) 
You'll need permissions to create a new database.  Not new tables within 
an existing database, a whole new database within the server instance.

By the way, can you please stop posting new threads with different 
subject lines?  It makes it hard to follow the thread of conversation. 
Just reply to one of the existing messages in the thread, and change the 
"To" line to point to the list instead of the email address of the one 
person who wrote that email.
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