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From:Warren Young Date:May 28 2013 6:36pm
Subject:Re: query not yielding a utf8 result
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On 5/25/2013 14:48, Charles J. Daniels wrote:
> I'm using a connection to mysql through to a database I did not
> create.

What do you get when you say "DESCRIBE MyTable" in an interactive SQL 
tool such as the mysql(1) command line program?

> The table files have a db.opt file among them whose only contents
> say:
> default-character-set=utf8
> default-collation=utf8_general_ci

I doubt that overrides per-table settings.  Hence my previous question.

I suspect your table actually holds ISO 8859-x.

> I do not know what encoding is actually held in the db,

DESCRIBE will tell you.

Also: what happens when you try to run the MySQL++ example programs? 
Several of them require UTF-8 support, and demonstrate that it works.

Have you read the Unicode chapter in the MySQL++ user manual?

> I've
> wrapped my own ODBC before, so I guess I'm gonna go that way. mysql++ was
> looking really nice however.

You asked your question over a long holiday weekend here in the US.  I 
typically deal with MySQL++ questions at work, so this is the first I've 
seen them.

Even if you've already given up permanently on MySQL++, I'd at least 
like to get some of the answers to questions above in case someone finds 
your thread in the archives and concludes from that that MySQL++ doesn't 
support UTF-8.
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