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From:Warren Young Date:March 13 2013 8:23pm
Subject:Re: Cross compile mysql++ for PowerPC
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On Mar 13, 2013, at 1:10 AM, Niranjan M <studywireless@stripped> wrote:

> **checking for MySQL library directory... configure: error: Didn't find
> mysqlclient library in '/usr/lib64 /usr/lib /usr/lib64/mysql /usr/lib/mysql
> /usr/local/lib64 /usr/local/lib /usr/local/lib/mysql /usr/local/mysql/lib
> /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql /usr/mysql/lib/mysql /opt/mysql/lib
> /opt/mysql/lib/mysql /sw/lib /sw/lib/mysql'**

If you read the documentation -- README-Linux.txt in this case -- you'll find that it
tells you how to use the --with-mysql* switches to tell it where the MySQL C API libraries

> How can I install libmysqlclient?

> Has anyone tried this ?

MySQL++ has definitely been cross-compiled to various embedded systems, and I believe I
recall at least one instance where improvements were made to MySQL++ specifically for
PowerPC.  Since I didn't hear back from the guy who suggested those improvements, I assume
he then succeeded in building and using MySQL++ on that platform.

> How to cross compile mysqlclient for powerpc ?

This is totally not the right forum to learn how to use your embedded toolchain.
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