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From:Martin Gallwey Date:October 4 2012 10:39am
Subject:Re: Mysql++ won't compile on CentOS 6 (patch included)
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>> Use the svn version.  The problem was fixed quite some time ago.  We just
>> haven't released a new official version containing it yet.  svn is stable
>> right now.
> May I humbly suggest releasing a new version soon then? Preferably a minor
> point release that only fixes glaring bugs such as this one, but otherwise
> changes nothing?
> Even if you say the current svn is stable, many people will not want to use
> that in a production environment, and the project's website clearly recommends
> the latest stable release.
> The missing #include may be just a minor thing, but it still means that the
> latest stable release is broken out of the box. IMHO, this is a fairly bad
> situation to find the project in.

I just hit this as well, and I agree. Releasing a 3.1.1 with this plus
other fixes would be good. Is there anything I can do to help? Is it
just a case of reviewing a diff between the trunk and the 3.1.0 branch
and making sure there is nothing risky in there?
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