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From:Warren Young Date:May 31 2012 1:55pm
Subject:Re: mysqlpp_d.dll
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On May 31, 2012, at 6:33 AM, Erwin C. wrote:

> When trying to build the mysql++.sln with VS 2010
> I get 39 unresolved externals.
> These are the libs i included:
> wsock32.lib;
> libmysql.lib;
> mysqlpp_d.lib;

Are you creating your own mysql++.sln, then?  Why not convert the one shipped with the
library in the vs2008 subdirectory?  It will have the libraries (and more) set up
correctly already.

> These are some of t hem:
> Error 38 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _mysql_escape_string@12
> \mysql++-3.1.0\vc2008\query.obj

You're missing the MySQL C API library, called libmysql.lib on Windows.  If you're
creating your own .sln file, you can add it.  If you're using the supplied one, you either
don't have the MySQL development files installed or they are in a different path than is
hard-coded into the supplied project files; in which case, see README-Visual-C++.txt.
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