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From:John Mendosa Date:May 2 2012 4:17pm
Subject:libmysqlclient name as of 4-30-2012?
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I've been developing a MySQL++ application for the last couple of months on Ubuntu 11.
Day before yesterday I let the system upgrade itself to Ubuntu 12.
The next day when I tried building my application I got the following linker error: needed by /usr/local/lib/, not found

So I figured I'd clean out the MySQL++ installation and start again, thinking it would
find the new name of the mysqlclient lib in the process, but running './configure' in
my mysql++-3.1.0 build directory failed with: Didn't find mysqlclient library

Next I tried installing the MySQL++ packages through Ubuntu's package manager,
I installed both the "runtime" and "development" packages.
But with those I can't even compile my application, I get: mysql++.h: no such file or
and indeed after installing Ubuntu package manager's MySQL++ there is no

/usr/local/include/mysql++ directory as there used to be before I did a 'make uninstall'
my original working installation.

Also I uninstalled & reinstalled Ubuntu package manager's MySQL Client package,
which is what was working with mysql++ fine before the Ubuntu upgrade.
So I'm feeling out of luck!  This seems like it should be a very easy thing to fix,
I have no idea how to fix it. Can anyone help?


libmysqlclient name as of 4-30-2012?John Mendosa2 May
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