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From:Dino Korah Date:April 26 2012 6:17am
Subject:Re: Wait for finish with mysqlpp
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Or a heavy weight method of adding comments into the SQL like example 
below and parse it from SHOW PROCESSLIST; Not a fan of this method, but 
it is one way to see whats running.
You can encode anything into it, including query-start time, etc.

/* { "query-start-epoch": "1335420982", "query-timeout": "1335420999" } 
*/ SELECT * FROM `test`.`TableA`;

On Tue 24 Apr 2012 03:53:03 IST, Warren Young wrote:
> On 4/23/2012 2:44 PM, Franz Engel wrote:
>> doesn't wait until the server works.
> store() returns when it has all of the result sets you asked for.  If it
> returns before the server-side action is completed, it's because
> whatever long-running action you're asking MySQL to do doesn't involve
> returning result sets.  You should probably be using execute() in that case.
> Moving to execute() isn't going to prevent MySQL from doing things
> asynchronously if it thinks it can do so safely.  It's not MySQL++'s
> place to second-guess the server, blocking on an asynchronous operation.
> Perhaps there is a SQL command that you can use to figure out the
> server's state.  Or, maybe you could parse what you need out of the
> Connection::server_status() return value.
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