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From:Mensfort Date:March 11 2012 2:01pm
Subject:old version.
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My laptop has Linuxmint 12 with mysql++ 3.1.0
The restaurants who use my software have Linuxmint 11 with mysql 3.0.9...
So I compile with version 3.1.0 and try to run it at a PC with version 
3.0.9. This doesn't work.

I don't want to update all restaurants with linuxmint 12, because the 
touchscreen is not working anymore.
I don't want the old linux 11 on my laptop, because then I have no sound.

What is possible:
1. Update the restaurant to mysql++ 3.1.0 gives problems.. also using 
the so file gives strange issues in another packet. is anything possible 
in Linux 11 Katya?
2. Can I go back to 3.0.9 in the latest version of mysql? How?
3. Maybe some of you know why touchscreen is not working in Linux 12, 
but that's for another forum probably...

Bart Houkes
Eindhoven NL

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