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From:John Tate Date:December 18 2011 1:22am
Subject:Building examples
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I had problems building the examples and changed the resetdb example as

< #include "cmdline.h"
< #include "printdata.h"
> #include <mysql++/cmdline.h>
> #include <mysql++/printdata.h>

john@hayek:~/build/mysql++ex$ g++ -o resetdb resetdb.cpp
In file included from /usr/include/mysql++/cmdline.h:32:0,
                 from resetdb.cpp:30:
/usr/include/mysql++/common.h:131:28: fatal error: mysql_version.h: No such
file or directory
compilation terminated.

Was I even right to begin with?

Why does the documentation have to suck? It mentions none of this.

John Tate


Building examplesJohn Tate18 Dec