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From:Warren Young Date:October 18 2011 7:47pm
Subject:Re: Example for replacefrom() code for mysqlpp
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On Oct 17, 2011, at 6:20 PM, Adrian Cornish wrote:

>> It wouldn't break my heart to have an AUTOINCREMENT id column in the stock
>> table.  It touches lots of things, but the only reason it doesn't have one
>> yet is that there hasn't been a need.
> How about I add an auto_increment id to stock (for good DB design)

While auto_increment ID columns are generally good design, they're not a context-free
good.  The MySQL++ examples use two unrelated tables only, so the standard reason to have
such a column is missing.

Since adding this column buys nothing, if your replacefrom() example will not use it, and
it probably requires changes to several examples, I don't see a good reason to add it.

Now, if you wanted to add a third table that was tied to `stock` via some relation, that
would be a very different situation.

> also add a unique constraint on the 'item' column - this way the
> example can use the unique constraint

That would be fine with me.

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