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From:Warren Young Date:October 17 2011 8:21pm
Subject:Re: Example for replacefrom() code for mysqlpp
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On 10/17/2011 1:35 PM, Adrian Cornish wrote:
> Was wondering if you have any preferences on how to do the example
> since REPLACE is going to require either a primary key or unique index

Ah, yes, we've only been doing UPDATE...WHERE heretofore, haven't we?

It wouldn't break my heart to have an AUTOINCREMENT id column in the 
stock table.  It touches lots of things, but the only reason it doesn't 
have one yet is that there hasn't been a need.

Does that really help, though?  You don't want to hard-code IDs in your 
example.  Your example could have two queries, one to pull records, then 
another to replace by some criterion, but then you're begging the 
question of why not use UPDATE...WHERE.

Turning stock.item into a primary key might be better.  Not really good 
DB design, but it's more appropriate for an example.  I just worry that 
people will take it as DB design advice.  If you go this way, it will 
let you replace rows by item name.

In the end, the right answer depends on what you want your example to 
do.  A DB design is never abstractly good.  It can only be good in a 
particular context.

> If you have no preferences I was going to create a new table along the lines of
> address_book table
> id,
> first_name,
> last_name,
> extension_no

It doesn't greatly bother me to have another table, but if we can do so 
cleanly, I'd rather use the ones we have now.
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