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From:Wojciech Barski Date:August 23 2011 7:45am
Subject:Re: query.use() and disabled exceptions
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In general, it's not a big deal. My code tested, if fetch_row() would return
a Row object that would test to false (which is, what I expected fetch_row()
to do in case of a query error), but maybe it's better to test it
earlier, after the query has returned (thanks for the tip).

2011/8/23 Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped>

> On 8/22/2011 5:07 PM, Wojciech Barski wrote:
>> I don't know, if it's a mistake or it's on purpose, however my feeling is
>> that the empty UseQueryResult object should keep the exception state of
>> the
>> connection it derived from.
> Sure.  Patches thoughtfully considered.
> However, I have to ask, what difference does it make?  It's not like you're
> going to do anything with the returned object other than test it in bool
> context, right?
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