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From:Warren Young Date:July 4 2011 11:03pm
Subject:Re: exception in subqueries
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On 7/4/2011 7:40 AM, Access-Dev wrote:
> AS numTags


> t.numTags = MPP_TO_ITF_STRING( row[ "numTags" ]); // numTags contains
> incorrect value , have to be the number of rows , but colum id returned

I confess to initially blanking out your SQL statement.  I believe it 
was a form of psychological protection, my brain trying to protect itself.

Risking the madness of Cthulu in giving it a second look, I saw the 
second line quoted above.  Does this not say exactly what you are 
reporting?  That is, are you not *asking* MySQL to give you the numTags 
column "AS" id?

MySQL++, when you ask it to return a column from a row by its name, has 
to go on field names the database server returns.  When you alias field 
names this way, it has no way of second guessing you.  If the database 
server says the data in column X is called numTags, MySQL++ has to 
believe that.
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