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From:Raymond Boettcher Date:March 3 2011 2:08am
Subject:MySQL++ 64 Bit Platform Installation Problem with Fix...
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Hello everyone,

First of all my must congratulate the people who created this neat little library. 
I've been using it for years with various programs I've written and it's worked wonders
for me.  It has taken the pain out of Database programming.  I have used it in
many applications that I've written.  I must say however, keeping up with the API
changes has definitely kept me on my toes.  Some of my older projects haven't been
updated yet.  But anyhow, down to the issues at hand...

I recently got my hands on a AMD64 computer and I was running 32 bit Slackware on it for a
little while.  I started messing with QEMU to find out that it wasn't happy trying to
do 64 Bit OS Emulation on the 32 Bit OS even after the kernel was compiled with AMD64 in
mind.  Soooo, I installed Slackware64 13.1.

Being this is the first time I've played around in a 64 Bit operating system I've ran into
a few interesting things.  One of those things is the fact that the 64 bit libraries
are installed in /usr/lib64 and not /usr/lib (I --prefix=/usr)...  I believe the
Makefile for MySQL++ is hardcoded to ${PREFIX}/lib instead of looking at the environment
for that variable.  I attempted to run one of my programs (after compiling it to 64
bit) and it couldn't find the libraries.  So I did a make uninstall then modified the
Makefile at Line 30.  Keep in mind this is valid for MySQL++ Release 3.1.0:

libdir = ${exec_prefix}/lib

When I changed it to ${exec_prefix}/lib64 and did a make install, my compiled programs ran
without a problem.  I know this isn't really a query as much as it is a "needed fix"
to the installation procedure for 64 bit OSes...  I did notice that the line: LDFLAGS
=  -L/usr/lib64 was correct however..

I recently installed multilib on my Slackware64 and now I can compile libraries for 32-bit
as well as 64-bit on the same platform.  I noticed that CentOS binaries are available
from the website, but I would be willing to keep a set of Slackware/Slackware64 binaries
available for posting on your website.  Just let me know...

Raymond Boettcher

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