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From:Adrian Cornish Date:February 19 2011 1:07am
Subject:Re: Suggested patch for query class
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On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 5:24 PM, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> On Feb 16, 2011, at 7:57 AM, Adrian Cornish wrote:
>> Here is a small patch for consideration for the query class to allow
>> the multi insert/replace to work with other STL containers like
>> std::set,std::list
> Thanks!
> I didn't like the way you modified the "first" iterator, however.  It risks
> later bugs if people reading the code believe "first" always points to the first element.
>  In reworking it to avoid the need to modify the passed iterator, I found several
> other ways to improve the code.

Cool. Your version looks better - I was trying to minimize LOCs
changed. (must remember Im not at work ;-)

> I've checked this in.  Can you try it to be sure I didn't screw something up?
>  It passes dtest, but I'd rather some real-world code exercised it before release,
> too.
Will test over weekend and confirm back to the list.

Thanks Warren

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