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From:Dan Cook (dancook) Date:December 17 2010 7:37pm
Subject:Boost Serialization of SSQLS
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We use mysql++ SSQLS objects as member data on larger objects.  This allows us to ship
these member data to and from the database with ease.  However now we need to serialize
these objects over a socket and reconstitute it in another process.  (Yes I know - just
read it from the database in the other process is the obvious answer, but these objects
and not fully baked yet and my be transiet.)  
We are using the Boost serialization library to serialize the objects, but are running
into issues with things like mysqlpp::tiny_int< signed_char>.  Boost says all member
data of inherited classes must be able to serailize themselves.  
I was wondering if anybody is using Boost or something similar to serialize the SSQLS
Dan Cook  

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