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From:Kemin Zhou Date:December 16 2010 12:31am
Subject:Re: static library
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So After all, it is not a trivial matter to make static version.
In the past two years I have tried and failed.

At least, in the readme file, the distribution should mention
that you just could not make static libs.  This will save a lots
of future attempts.

By the way, there was one CPP file ssx/genv2.cpp needs the
#include <cstring>
line on certain machines.

If GNU LGPL prevents from making a static library, it is
quite bad.  At lest for testing and development, you might
want this feature.

Sebastian Salazar wrote:
> Curiously I also need a static version of mysql + +, I followed the
> advice (I added the #include<cstring>  to ssx/genv2.h, and modified
> the line 53 and 139, I change the dll tag for lib, then configure;
> make; make install without success. It doesn't create the static lib.

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