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From:m p Date:September 14 2010 9:25am
Subject:Get the number of rows with a "used" query.
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I'm running mysql++ on an ubuntu server with mysql 5.1.41

I have some very hugh tables (6M+) and my Views & Selects always return more
than 1M tuples so I'm forced to use the "mysqlpp::UseQueryResult" object to
use them.

But I really miss some useful method from the "mysqlpp::StoreQueryResult".
Particularly the "num_rows" !
So : is it possible to get the numbers of rows returned by a query using the
mysqlpp::UseQueryResult object ?
(Without obviously looking through all tuples)
Didn't find anything to do it :/ (affected_rows return some weird numbers)

And is it maybe possible to seek back in the query results ?

Ty by advance.

Get the number of rows with a "used" query.m p14 Sep
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