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From:Gerd Anders Date:August 13 2010 5:53am
Subject:how to use setNull
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Dear all,

with respect to the following announcment from December 2008

Implemented MySQL_PreparedStatement::setNull(). (Andre)

I tried to use setNull in association with the MySQL C++ connector,
but I did not manage to find out what data types I can use for the
second parameter, namely sqlType (see below). I found the header
file in /usr/include/mysql-connector/cppconn/prepared_statement.h

virtual void setNull(unsigned int parameterIndex, int sqlType) = 0;

but no other hint what to use for sqlType. Doing web searches also
did not give me any clue. Thus, is there any sample code available
how to use a prepared_statement with setNull?


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