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From:S. Forsberg Date:July 27 2000 5:21pm
Subject:problems with compiling mysql++
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I just downloaded MySQL++ and wanted to compile it with MINGW. It won't compile, but
reports following errors instead:

Windows32\Base.H no such file or dir...

ok, it must be those header files needed by Cygwin...

the I undef'd them with command line option -U__WIN32__ and -UWIN32

then it reported that it won't find mysql.h. Ok, I found four of them in my mysql
directories, which I should include? I tried the one in mysql\include (the include dir
where I installed mysql-server )

then it complains about implicit declarations of strtoll & strtoull... I thought that
this is not going to make an end...

so, what do I need when compiling latest MYSQL++ under win95 with Mingw ( gcc 2.95.2, if I
remember right )

my command line: g++ -Wall -W -c (enter *.cc here )


problems with compiling mysql++S. Forsberg27 Jul