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From:Warren Young Date:July 13 2010 7:10pm
Subject:Re: Mysql++ in Visual Studio 2010, Need To Rebuild MySQL Server?
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On Jul 13, 2010, at 12:47 PM, Thomas Volckhausen wrote:

> "Error 6 error LNK2005: "public: void __thiscall std::basic_string<char,struct
> std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> >::reserve(unsigned int)"
> (?reserve@?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@QAEXI@Z<mailto:?reserve@?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@QAEXI@Z>)
> already defined in Utility.obj 

I'm thinking Utility.obj is one of your modules.  It may be that it is built with
different settings than MySQL++.  The VC++ linker is very sensitive about certain
settings; they have to match or it won't link.  See README-Visual-C++.txt.

Other than that, the only known issue with VS2010 is that 64-bit builds don't work for
some reason.  It's probably simple to fix, but no one's bothered to chase it down.  The
shipping project files only build 32-bit libraries, so if you didn't do the 64-bit mod
described in the README, this isn't what's happening.

Note that this doesn't prevent you from using a 64-bit MySQL server.

> should I rebuild MySQL Server 5.1 from source in Visual Studio 2010

I don't think so.

> I know that linking across compilers can cause issues because of different naming
> conventions

That's pretty much only a problem with C++, due to differing name mangling rules between
compilers.  The MySQL client library, being a pure C library, shouldn't suffer from this
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