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From:hu.ruyu Date:May 24 2010 1:10am
Subject:About "Failed to find MySQL C API type ID for" Exception
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        It always throw mysqlpp::Exception:"Error: Failed to find MySQL C 
API type ID for int",so I've try to pass a sql_int value to query,but got 
a same result;
The system is "AIX p570a 3 5 00C4E37B4C00", Compiler xlC_r.
        By the way, if reply,please reply to huruware@stripped too.

The code is bellow:
                mysqlpp::Connection conn(false);
                if (conn.connect("dbctest","localhost", "root", "root111"
                        printf("connect to db success\n");
                        mysqlpp::Query query = conn.query("select * from 
test where id = %0q and name = %1q");
                        mysqlpp::SQLQueryParms sqp;
                        mysqlpp::sql_int sqlint = 5
                        sqp[0] = sqlint;  // throw mysqlpp::Exception here
                        sqp[1] = mysqlpp::SQLTypeAdapter(string("test5"));
                        mysqlpp::UseQueryResult res = query.use(sqp);
                        if (mysqlpp::Row row = res.fetch_row()) 
                                cout << '\t' << row["name"] << endl;
                                cerr << "Failed to get item list: " << 
query.error() << endl;
                                return 1;
                        return 0;
                else {
                        cerr << "DB connection failed: " << conn.error() 
<< endl;
                        return 1;
        catch (const mysqlpp::BadQuery& er) {
                // Handle any query errors
                cerr << "Query error: " << er.what() << endl;
                return -1;
        catch (const mysqlpp::BadConversion& er) {
                // Handle bad conversions
                cerr << "Conversion error: " << er.what() << endl
                                "\tretrieved data size: " << er.retrieved 
                                ", actual size: " << er.actual_size << 
                return -1;
        catch (const mysqlpp::Exception& er) {
                // Catch-all for any other MySQL++ exceptions
                cerr << "Error: " << er.what() << endl;
                return -1;

Thanks, and best wish!

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