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From:Warren Young Date:May 14 2010 3:48pm
Subject:Re: v3.1.0 imminent
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On May 14, 2010, at 7:58 AM, Rick Gutleber wrote:

> Thanks for the update, Warren.  I'm looking forward to seeing 3.1.0 with the fix I
> submitted, lo, those many moons ago.

I only see a feature in 3.1 by you -- Query::insertfrom() -- no "fixes".  Is there some
bug you expected to see squashed?

> Other than a few small patches, the 1.X version has been running fine for two years
> now... with mysql++ 2.3.2.

I suspect there are quite a lot of people happily running on 2.x still.  It fixed all the
most annoying day-to-day problems with MySQL++ 1.7.9.

This is one of the reasons I've slowed work on 3.x.  It's hard to find motivation for new
features few are asking for.  Back when there were so many things to fix that were
obviously broken, finding motivation was easy.
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