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From:Warren Young Date:May 13 2010 8:45pm
Subject:v3.1.0 imminent
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Since it's taking too long to get around to finishing SSQLS v2, I've 
decided I'm going to put a cap on v3.1.0 soon.  I want to squeeze a few 
more features into 3.1 before releasing it:

     o Can we fix "if (!query)" without changing the ABI?

     o Fix pedantic warning:

       lib/null.h:55: warning: type qualifiers ignored on function
       return type

     o Can we bring examples/vstudio into the top-level build system?
       Would be nice to get MYSQL_WIN_DIR support, and to make it
       link against the built MySQL++ instead of requiring it to be
       installed first.

     o Add -lmysqlclient for Xcode case

     o Xcode project needs to ignore config.h when not doing an autotools
       build.  Put conditions in lib/common.h.

     o Result::field_num() should be case-insensitive; column names
       aren't case-sensitive in SQL.  MySQL++ is currently trying to
       do this by smashing field name case to lowercase in FieldNames,
       calling str_to_lwr() on all received values.  This doesn't help
       with SSQLS because it's not smashing field name case we get
       as macro arguments in the SSQLS definition.  Probably better
       all around to remove the case smashing and do case-insensitive
       comparisons instead.

     o Raise tquery and SSQLS field limits in RPM build process, since
       the very fact that you're building an RPM means we know the
       limits of the minimum supported platform.  It needs to be smart
       enough to not override a value given when one hand-configures a
       source tree, possibly by parsing it out of ssqls.h.  Otherwise,
       use the known floor value.

     o Check that it works with Connector/C and MySQL 5.1

     o Document sql_*_null in userman

     o Add to datetime.h: inline DateTime NOW() { return DateTime(); }

MySQL++ v3.2.0 will pretty much be dedicated to finishing SSQLS v2, then 
we're back to more general feature releases after that.  MySQL++ is 
maturing, so it's no surprise the release cycle is slowing down, but 15 
months between releases is too long.

Comments?  Complaints?  Kudos?
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