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From:F.N. Bruggeman Date:March 31 2010 9:02am
Subject:Memory management?
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Are there any plans to feed custom allocators to the Row class and its
members? (or the entire library - one can wish)


Currently I'm in the process of lowering the amount of heap fragmentation of
our software and MySQL++ is one of the bigger contributors. I could modify
row.h by adding a second template parameter (Allocator) to the vector/String
members, but I haven't researched if this would cause the entire library to
break. Overloading the global new/delete operator is not an option. 


(The software typically runs for a few months, processing several hundred MB
a day inside worker threads using their own pool of private heap)


Kind regards,


Freddy Bruggeman

Memory management?F.N. Bruggeman31 Mar
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