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From:Jonathan Wakely Date:March 12 2010 11:55pm
Subject:Re: missing namespace in comparable.h (patch attached)
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On 11 March 2010 14:50, Michael Radzewitz wrote:
> mixing up mysqlpp with boost (and properly some others) can cause compliation errors

You sent this once already, but you didn't answer my question :-)

Do you have "using namespace boost" before you include any mysql++ headers?

If you do, that's why you get the error, it's not ...
> because there is no namespace declaration in comparable.h

See Item 59 ("Don't write namespace usings in a header file or before
an #include") in Sutter & Alexandrescu's C++ Coding Standards for more
missing namespace in comparable.h (patch attached)Michael Radzewitz13 Mar
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