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From:Warren Young Date:January 3 2010 9:15am
Subject:Re: A copy constructor for ssqls?
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On Jan 2, 2010, at 6:22 AM, Matthieu Garrigues wrote:

> Do you have any idea of when 3.1 will be released?

Would you be stunned to receive the answer, "when it's ready"?  :)

This is very much a personal side project for me, fitting in wherever I have time and
motivation.  I did the last big chunk of work on this back in June or so.  It might take
me until next summer to start work on it again.

> Generating these methods could be cool:

SSQLS v2.0 won't be greatly more featureful than SSQLS v1.  The goal is to replicate all
of the original functionality in such a way that gives us a clean path forward.  We can
talk about things like this in 2.x.

One of the nice things about SSQLS is that most of it is outside the library proper, so
changing it doesn't affect MySQL++'s API or ABI.  That greater part becomes part of *your*
program's API, so we have a lot more freedom to extend it after the initial release than
with MySQL++ proper.  We haven't been able to take advantage of a lot of that freedom in
v1 due to the mess that is
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