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From:Matthieu Garrigues Date:December 31 2009 10:54am
Subject:A copy constructor for ssqls?
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I am using ssqls to map my tables into c++ class and I would like to add
some features to them.
To me, the best way is to define the class that inherits from the generated

sql_create_6(stock, 1, 2,
    mysqlpp::sql_char, item,
    mysqlpp::sql_bigint, num,
    mysqlpp::sql_double, weight,
    mysqlpp::sql_decimal, price,
    mysqlpp::sql_date, sdate,
    mysqlpp::Null<mysqlpp::sql_mediumtext>, description)

class mystock : public stock

     mystock(const stock& s)
       : stock(s)

     [... added methods and members]

The problem: the macro sql_create_* doesn't generate a copy constructor for
the class stock.
I'm going to add this feature to but it will be great if it's going
to be added for the next versions of mysql++.


Matthieu Garrigues

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