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From:devlin Date:December 3 2009 11:39pm
Subject:Re: 2013 error during fetch_row
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This may help:
"You can also get these errors if you send a query to the server that  
is incorrect or too large. If mysqld receives a packet that is too  
large or out of order, it assumes that something has gone wrong with  
the client and closes the connection. If you need big queries (for  
example, if you are working with big BLOB columns), you can increase  
the query limit by setting the server's max_allowed_packet variable,  
which has a default value of 1MB. You may also need to increase the  
maximum packet size on the client end. More information on setting the  
packet size is given in Section B.5.2.10, ?Packet too large?.

An INSERT or REPLACE statement that inserts a great many rows can also  
cause these sorts of errors. Either one of these statements sends a  
single request to the server irrespective of the number of rows to be  
inserted; thus, you can often avoid the error by reducing the number  
of rows sent per INSERT or REPLACE."



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