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From:Mengmeng Zhang Date:December 3 2009 7:09pm
Subject:2013 error during fetch_row
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  I have an application that opens two connections to a database. The
first connection runs a query that grabs a data set which needs to be
manipulated. The query is 'use()'d and I fetch_row through the rows. I
use the other connection to do lookups and updates based on each
returned row. Most of the time this works fine. However, once in a
while, while going through a large dataset, the first connection
aborts with "2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server during query".
This can occur at different points in the same dataset, or sometimes
not at all and complete successfully. There's nothing in the server's
error logs about an aborted connection. Server side, wait_timeout is 8
hours (much longer than any run), and max_allowed_packet is very large
as well (> 128MB). Does anybody have any idea what could be going on?
I'm on 3.0.9, the latest version. Could there be timeout issues client
side? But time isn't a consistent factor either.

Thanks for any help,
Mengmeng Zhang
2013 error during fetch_rowMengmeng Zhang3 Dec
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