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From:Jim Wallace Date:August 5 2009 11:46am
Subject:RE: Question about store() override
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So for v3, no casting will help?  Seems like I must use SQLQueryParams,
or rearrange my parameters.  

Am I the only one who's been tripped up by this (twice now)?  Using
store(...) is very convenient and when composing my query I'm thinking
about the query, not overloads to store().  I can see arguments for
using it, but it sure seems like a developer trap that is only detected
at runtime.

Do you always talk about yourself in third-person? :-)

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From: Warren Young [mailto:mysqlpp@stripped] 
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Subject: Re: Question about store() override

On Aug 4, 2009, at 5:19 AM, Jim Wallace wrote:

> Warren suggested casting the second parameter to mysqlpp::String

No, he suggested casting it to SQLString, a v2 class which became  
SQLTypeAdapter in v3, not String.  (You will find this pointed out in  
the breakages chapter of the user manual.)

This does fix it; I just tested it.

The problem happens because there is a store(const char*, int)  
overload, which is for taking a string with a length, needed to allow  
query strings with embedded null characters.  Without this, MySQL++  
wouldn't support BLOBs naturally.  (It didn't always exist, back in  
the bad old days, and BLOBs were therefore a pain to use at the time.)

If you cast just the first parameter to STA, that doesn't help because  
it can convert right back to const char*.  Casting the second forces  
the compiler to use the store(const STA&, const STA&) overload.

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