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From:Adrian Cornish Date:July 30 2009 1:23pm
Subject:Re: mysqlpp::Time and negative times
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>> I've tried using mysqlpp::Time for negative times but I just get unsigned
>> overflow on the hour field.
> Are you talking about time time_t ctor or the h,m,s ctor?

Actually I was using the string version.

>>> From mysql docs: TIME
>> <>values may range
>> from
>> '-838:59:59' to '838:59:59'.
> Wow, that's pretty random.  I wonder where they came up with those numbers?
Very :-)

> If you supply a patch to fix this, I'd just make it use signed characters
> for now.  That's not *quite* an ABI breakage, whereas switching to a short
> would be.  Obviously this is only helpful if you only need +/- 5ish days of
> range.  If you need between 5 and 35 days, no such support will appear in
> MySQL++ before v4.

What about adding another constructor with Time(short char h, unsigned
char m, unsigned char s);
The class could then keep track of which constructor was used and if
the hour value could/should be negative.

Or a bool flag (with getters & setters) could be added to class to
indicate sign.

Just some thoughts

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