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From:Warren Young Date:June 25 2009 5:50am
Subject:Re: Issue with ReconnectOption
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[reordered conversation to be in logical order...]

>> Kevin Regan wrote:
>>> It seems that the dbd->connected() check should only be performed  
>>> for
>>> versions of MySQL greater than 5.1.6.
>> Isn't that backwards?  As I read your reference manual excerpt, after
>> the fix in 5.1.6, you can set this option at any time, and it will be
>> set as expected.  It's only with the older versions, where the option
>> handling had the bug, where we should check for a connection before
>> allowing the option to be set

> No, the issue is that the current mysql++ code does not allow me (at  
> v5.0.64) to set the reconnect option after the connection is  
> established.

I think you didn't read my patch very carefully.  It changes MySQL++  
so that for versions 5.0.13 (where the option was introduced in the C  
API) through 5.1.6 (where its effect changed) the option can only be  
applied when there is a connection.  There is no point in allowing the  
option to be set before the connection comes up for this range of  
versions, since as you point out, it will be reset when the connection  
comes up.

Apply it and try it.  Does it not do what you want?

> Any word on this?

I've been out of town for a bit over a week, on vacation, totally  
disconnected from networks of all kinds.
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