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From:Kevin Regan Date:June 16 2009 3:51pm
Subject:RE: Issue with ReconnectOption
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No, the issue is that the current mysql++ code does not allow me (at v5.0.64) to set the
reconnect option after the connection is established.  This is a bug that needs to be
fixed for 5.0.  I added the 5.1 check to be forward looking.  However, it really is
ancillary to main problem -- that the reconnect flag is reset by mysql_real_connect in 5.0
(all versions below 5.1.6) and it needs to be set after the connection is established.

We can leave out the check for 5.1 if you are fine with folks setting this before and
after the connection is created -- I was just trying to match what looked to be the
current coding philosophy.

In any event, the current mysql++ library needs to be modified to allow setting of the
reconnect option after the connection has been established so that 5.0 code can work
properly (for those that use this option).

Should I submit another patch that removes all checks?

From: Warren Young [mysqlpp@stripped]
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 9:25 AM
To: MySQL++ Mailing List
Subject: Re: Issue with ReconnectOption

Kevin Regan wrote:
> It seems that the dbd->connected() check should only be performed for
> versions of MySQL greater than 5.1.6.

Isn't that backwards?  As I read your reference manual excerpt, after
the fix in 5.1.6, you can set this option at any time, and it will be
set as expected.  It's only with the older versions, where the option
handling had the bug, where we should check for a connection before
allowing the option to be set.

See the attached patch for my take on this.

> Was this just an oversight, or
> has something changed to make this an issue?

As far as I know, this is the first change expressly made with 5.1 in
mind.  Personally, the newest version I'm using is 5.0.  I'm waiting for
some of this dust to clear before moving to a newer version.  By all
means, continue to submit 5.1 related patches, though, if that's where
your itch is.
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