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From:Warren Young Date:March 21 2009 12:00am
Subject:Re: got another error after got another error
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Warren Young wrote:
> On Mar 19, 2009, at 7:52 PM, Alex Luya wrote:
>> lib/mysql++.cpp:34: error: stray '@' in program
> You will either have to bootstrap the library on a Unixy machine and 
> then copy the source back over to your Windows box, or copy the needed 
> generated files (lib/mysql++.h in this case) over from a released 
> version of MySQL++.

I've written this process up in HACKERS.txt, adding a lot of detail. 
Here's the new section:

Bootstrapping the Library Using only Windows
     The thing that makes bootstrapping on Windows difficult is that
     one of the required steps uses a Unix-centric tool, autoconf.
     This section is about working out a way to get that working on
     Windows, or avoiding the need for it, so you can get on with
     hacking on MySQL++ on Windows.

     The thing autoconf does that's relevant to Windows builds
     of MySQL++ is that it substitutes the current MySQL++ version
     number into several source files.  This allows us to change the
     version number in just one place -- -- and have
     it applied to all these other places.  Until you do this step,
     an svn checkout of MySQL++ won't build, because these files with
     the version numbers in them won't be generated.

     Option 1: Copy the generated files over from a released version
         Only one of these generated files is absolutely critical to
         allowing MySQL++ to build: lib/mysql++.h.  So, the simplest
         option you have to bootstrap MySQL++ entirely on Windows is to
         copy lib/mysql++.h over from a released version of MySQL++.
         While you're doing that, you might copy over the other such
         generated files:


         Having done that, you can complete the bootstrapping process by
         running bootstrap.bat.  It has the same purpose as the Bourne
         shell script described above, but much simpler.  It has none
         of the command line options described above, for one thing.

         The main downside of doing it this way is that your changed
         version will have the same version number as the release of
         MySQL++ you copied the files from, unless you go into each
         file and change the version numbers.

     Option 2: Cygwin
         If you'd like to hack on MySQL++ entirely on Windows and
         have all the build freedoms enjoyed by those working on Unixy
         platforms, the simplest solution is probably to install Cygwin.

         Get the Cygwin installer from

         When you run it, it will walk you through the steps to
         install Cygwin.  Autoconf and Perl 5 aren't installed in
         Cygwin by default, so when you get to the packages list,
         be sure to select them.  Autoconf is in the Devel category,
         and Perl 5 in the Interpreters category.

         You will also need to install the native Windows binary
         version of Bakefile, from  Don't get
         the source version and try to build Bakefile under Cygwin; it
         won't work.  The Windows binary version of Bakefile includes
         an embedded version of Python, so you won't need to install
         Cygwin's Python.

         Having done all this, you can follow the Unix bootstrapping
         instructions in the previous section.

     Option 3: "Here's a nickel, kid, get yourself a better computer."

         Finally, you might have access to a Unixy system, or the
         ability to set one up.  You don't even need a separate physical
         computer, now that virtual machine techology is free.

         For example, you could download a Linux "appliance" from and a copy of the free
         VMware Player to run it on your Windows machine.  You'd do the
         svn checkout of MySQL++ on that machine, bootstrap it there
         using the instructions in the previous section.

         That done, just copy the result over to the Windows machine
         to continue hacking on it.
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