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From:Warren Young Date:March 19 2009 8:04pm
Subject:Re: I can't compile with VS2008.
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Kyle Emmerich wrote:
> Well, I got the DLL and lib compiled just fine, examples worked and
> everything. It just won't work with my own project, it's in the
> headers.

Are you sure you're getting no other errors?  The one you posted 
suggests a broken mysql_version.h file.  This is part of the MySQL C 
API, not MySQL++.  I don't really believe that to be the case, however, 
because if MySQL were shipping broken headers, we'd have heard about it 
from more than just you.  Besides, the examples did build.

So, either there's an earlier problem that eventually results in this 
confusing error, or you've got something roached with your project or 
build setup.
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