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From:Kyle Emmerich Date:March 17 2009 11:56pm
Subject:Re: I can't compile with VS2008.
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Still doesn't solve the stuff to do with the namespace...

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> From: "Warren Young" <mysqlpp@stripped>
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> Subject: Re: I can't compile with VS2008.
> Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:17:50 -0600
> Kyle Emmerich wrote:
> > I went the simple way and added the source
> > code to my project,
> That's only legal if you will be releasing your program under the 
> GPL or LGPL licenses, or not releasing it to others at all.  If you 
> use some other license, you must distribute MySQL++ as a 
> dynamically linked library so that others have the freedom to 
> replace it with a different version, if they choose.
> That aside, sourcewise inclusion of the library into another 
> program isn't supported.  It's meant to be linked to, like any 
> other library. Instructions for this are in README-Visual-C++.txt, 
> included with your copy of MySQL++.
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