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From:Kyle Emmerich Date:March 16 2009 11:06pm
Subject:I can't compile with VS2008.
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I get all kinds of errors. I went the simple way and added the source code to my project,
along with headers and everything. But I get some weird error.

common.h(127) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'namespace'

Here's the relevant part

#	include "mysql/mysql_version.h"
#	include "mysql_version.h"

namespace mysqlpp {

What am I doing wrong? I just started using libraries recently... I've gotten everything
from RakNet to PhysX working, all except MySQL++. Sure, RakNet has PostgreSQL database
stuff, but I really need MySQL. It's what my web host offers and the website HAS to be
able to access the same database as the game.

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