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From:Alex Luya Date:March 8 2009 3:26am
Subject:Re: how pass SQLTypeAdapters to create a SQLQueryParms(supplementary
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> In fact,I need to synchronize some tables(Initially,I want to use 
> replication,but It does not address the needs ).My idea like this, set 
> a "for" loop,each time,got a table name ,pass it to a method to 
> generate sql based on <tutorial.html#fieldinf> 
> <tutorial.html#fieldinf>Field Meta-Information,then got  query results 
> from server and client(it is not "master" and "slave",because I need 
> to synchronize,not just  replicate from one to another ),compare them 
> <tutorial.html#fieldinf>to update or insert based on "id" and 
> "modified time".So you know,the counts of table fields vary from table 
> to table .and every time I  need create a "date set"(so the size of 
> "date set"vary from each other also)...maybe an array,then pass it to 
> template,they can not be:
> ----
> string s( "Alex" );
> int x = 0;
> string s( "sync" );
> query.execute( s, x, t );
> ---------------
> or something like this fixed mechanism,it should be a dynamic 
> mechanism, a application procedure,I want to build an array and pass 
> it to template,but execute() method do not accept array as 
> parameter,then I try to create SQLQueryParms,but failed.any solution 
> to get it done?thank you.
> ....
> Warren Young a écrit :
>> On Mar 6, 2009, at 7:07 PM, Alex Luya wrote:
>>>              Query query = serverConn.query("INSERT INTO sync_status 
>>> VALUES(%0q,%1,%2q)");
>> We're already discussing this in your previous thread.  If you're not 
>> getting the replies, there's something wrong with your mail setup.  
>> Here's the first reply in your previous thread:
>> Another thing I saw when looking at your second attempt: %1 should be 
>> %1q.  A DateTime value has a space in it in string form, so it has to 
>> be quoted.
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