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From:Warren Young Date:March 2 2009 4:03pm
Subject:Re: Installing and building MYSQL++ for VC++ 2008
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Raymond Blenkiron wrote:
> Rebaked the installation - ** "That shouldn't be necessary.  The rebake 
> step you did will have taken care of this."** Nope that did not happen 
> for me

Clarification: rebaking will fix the project settings for the library 
itself, for the main examples, and for the unit tests.  It does nothing 
for examples/vstudio, which are red-headed stepchildren at the moment. 
More below.

> Attempted to build mysql++ libraries. There were some warning messages:
>   ..\examples\cpool.cpp(219) : warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion
>   from 'time_t' to 'unsigned int', possible loss of data

This is fixed in svn now.  Thanks for reporting it.

>   ..\test\array_index.cpp(110) : warning C4101: 'e' : unreferenced
>   local variable
>       ..\test\array_index.cpp(162) : see reference to function
>   template instantiation 'bool test_string_index<mysqlpp::Row>(const
>   ContainerT &)' being compiled

This one had already been fixed, so it will be in the next release of 

> Despite the warnings, the build was successful for the Debug (Repeated 
> same for Release)

Yes, the above two are harmless.  Just the compiler being picky.

> Executed the install.hta and confirmed that the mysqlpp_d and mysqlpp 
> library and dll files were installed way down in ..\MySQL++\lib\VC++ 
> 2008\Native

Note that where it gets installed is under your control to a great 
extent.  Uncheck some of the boxes and it will bury the libraries and 
headers less deeply.  The depth exists to avoid conflicts when you build 
it several different ways and need to have all of them installed.

> app failed becasue it couldn't find the mysqlpp_d.dll.

Yes, this is the red-head issue again.  Ideally, we'd build these 
examples along with all the others, so they'd have access to all the 
various file paths.  The difficulty is that your humble maintainer 
hasn't yet bothered to figure out how to build MFC and Windows Forms GUI 
programs via Bakefile.  Those project files are directly maintained, not 

Another related problem is that they're hard-coded to assume that the 
built MySQL++ is in ../../vc2005, but it's in ../../vc2008 in your case.
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