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From:Raymond Date:February 28 2009 3:20am
Subject:Installing and building MYSQL++ for VC++ 2008
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Have recently moved to Visual Studio 2008 after spending many years 
developing PHP over MySQL and VBA over Acces so I'm a little frustrated 
in not be able to see what I've overlooked in building MySQL++ of which 
I have had a number of attempts.

I have installed MySQL 5.1  in both default  (C:\Program 
Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1) and non-default folders and ensured that 
the developer components (\include and \lib) were installed.
I installed bakefile and modified the MYSQL_WIN_DIR var in mysql++.bkl 
to C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\ (tried it with and without 
trailing backslash)
Ran the rebake batch file and it trundled a whole bunch of messages 
about writing to vc200{3|5|8}\... Culminating in message 97 files modified.
Ran the install.hta (Firefox 3 didn't handle this at all well - none of 
the controls were populated). Tried IE7 with a liitle more success - 
fields populated, check a couple of boxes but an error:

   Line: 199
   Char: 5
   Error: Unknown name

Tried install.hta again without checking any of the boxes -> nothing.

What the heck - try VC++ anyway.
Set the VC++ Directories  for the Include files and  Library files to 
point to relevant folders in the MySQL developer components.
Started Visual Studio C++ and loaded the MFC sample from the 
..\examples\vstudio folder
Attempted to build the project and it failed - LNK1104: cannot open file 

Conducted drive scans looking for both mysqlpp_d.lib and mysqlpp_d.dll 
and its associated Release variant.
Such files not found anywhere.
Looked inside the intall.hta file and saw that there is supposed to be 
some ..\Debug and ..\Relase folders under the vc200* folders. But, 
unfortunately not on my installation.

What have I missed?

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