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From:Warren Young Date:February 25 2009 6:14pm
Subject:Re: Newbie Row question
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Sebastián Salazar Molina. wrote:
> but when I change out to int, it compile fine, when I 
> use string, i can't compile:

That's because Row::operator[] returns mysqlpp::String, which knows how 
to convert itself to an int, but not to std::string.  Without a direct 
conversion, your compiler is having to choose among the const char* and 
char conversions, and doesn't understand that the first is clearly the 
right one.

One way to fix it:

	String field = actual[f];
	return string(;

Another way would be to add a std::string conversion operator to 
lib/mystring.h, try it, and report back.  If it works and doesn't cause 
problems, I'll add it to the next version of MySQL++.
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