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From:Jonathan Wakely Date:February 23 2009 11:17pm
Subject:Re: on a 64bit platform
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2009/2/23 Robert Simmons:
> The problem I was encountering was not upon building the application, but on
> running the built application. I have my IDE set to -L and -l all the
> correct locations upon build, but if the OS then cant find that when it
> comes to runtime the application won't run. My only solution was to either
> build MySQL++ into the /usr/lib64 directory so that when my application
> runs, it finds the libraries there - or to symlink the MySQL++ libraries
> from their directory, back into /usr/lib64.

Or add the dir to the search path with ldconfig, or set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH at runtime, or LD_RUN_PATH at link time, or use -rpath
/ -R to set RPATH at link time, or ... etc.
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