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From:Warren Young Date:February 21 2009 11:15am
Subject:Re: Compilation/Installation error on Ubuntu 8.10
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On Feb 21, 2009, at 3:49 AM, Rohil Sinha wrote:

> I have gcc running on my Ubuntu 8.10. I followed the "*./configure*  
> " , "*
> make*", "*make install*" procedure as root.

Just a tip -- only the "make install" step has to be run as root, and  
that only if you're going to install into a system directory.

On Ubuntu, you don't even have to be root: it sets up sudo for you, so  
you can just say "sudo make install" instead for the last step, from  
the system owner's account.

> Seemingly, the development/header files for mysql++ got installed in *
> /usr/local/include/mysql++/* folder.

That's the default, yes.

> The */usr/include/mysql++* does not
> even exist.

What lead you to believe it would?

Are you asking how to make it so?  Say "./configure --help", and look  
at the --prefix option.

> When I just try to include the mysql++.h header file in my c++  
> program, I
> get the "no such directory or file" error message. Clearly, the  
> compiler is
> not able to locate the mysql++ installed files.

Read your compiler's documentation, particularly the bit about the -I  

And anticipating your next question: read your linker's documentation,  
particularly the bit about the -L flag.
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