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From:Warren Young Date:February 21 2009 1:57am
Subject:Re: Linker Problems with MySQL 5.1
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Randall Knapp wrote:
> version 5.1, x64 system, Windows Vista

Oops, 64-bit changes things.  I'm in the process of documenting the 
steps.  Here's what I have right now:

Building MySQL++ for 64-Bit
     The MySQL++ project files ship with the assumption that you're
     building for 32-bit Windows.  There is currently no easy way to
     change this.  Here's the hard way:

     - Follow the steps above to change the MySQL install location,
       if necessary.

     - Open the solution file, then say Build > Configuration Manager

     - Pull down the "Active solution platform" list box, say New...,
       and add "x64", copying settings from the Win32 build, and
       allowing it to create new project platforms.

     - Pull the same list box down, say Edit..., and remove the Win32
       build, unless you actually need both versions.

     It should then build, except that you may have to re-run the
     build a couple of times, due to errors about the build log being
     unwritable or locked.  Just re-run the build until you get all
     of the projects to build.  If re-running the build doesn't reduce
     the number of failures, you have something else wrong, perhaps
     due to not following the instructions above carefully.  It might
     be simplest to just blow away the MySQL++ tree and try again.
     (I did once, while formulating these instructions...sigh.)

Comments welcome.

Are you sure you need a 64-bit client, though?  It might be a more 
trouble than it's worth, what with the tools being still on the immature 
side, for Windows.
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