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From:Warren Young Date:February 21 2009 1:07am
Subject:Re: Linker Problems with MySQL 5.1
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Dude, stop spamming the list.  Asking again and again isn't going to 
change how fast someone gets around to answering your question.

> I have the projects set up to have
> "Additional Dependencies" set to include libmysql.lib and the "Additional
> Library Directories" to include "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server
> 5.1\lib\opt" 

Hand-hacking the project settings is doing it the hard way.  Follow the 
recommendation in README-Visual-C++.txt: install a copy of Bakefile, 
change the "5.0" in mysql++.bkl to "5.1", and run rebake.bat.  This will 
update all of the project files correctly.  Your hand-hackery has caused 
the projects to attempt to link a non-debug version of the MySQL C API 
library to a debug build of MySQL++.

That said, you might want to stick with 5.0 for now, unless you actually 
require one of the new features in 5.1.  Sun rushed 5.1 to GA status. 
It's not yet up to the same quality level we've come to expect of MySQL 
GA releases.
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