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From:Warren Young Date:February 17 2009 10:33pm
Subject:Re: Newbie connection question
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Sebastián Salazar Molina. wrote:
> I need the minimal time of response, so open 
> and close connection is a bad choice for me, 

Are you sure?  I mean, have you measured it, and found the overhead 
excessive?  I just benchmarked it here, and it only takes 4 or 5 ms to 
connect to a server running on the same machine.  Connecting from a 
different machine took 100 ms once, but then around 7 ms every time 
thereafter.  At 1 transaction per second per client on average, you have 
33 ms to complete each one.

I'm not pushing you to this solution, just making sure you haven't 
narrowed your options unnecessarily.
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